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Tips for Your Small Bathroom Remodel

7 Tips For Your Small Bathroom Remodel

Organizing and fitting everything into your small bathroom can feel like one very difficult jigsaw puzzle. Solving problems like where to position the toilet, sink, bath, and shower so they meet code all while allowing for storage (where is the extra toilet paper?!) and elbow room can be quite tricky. However, a bathroom, albeit small, can add a lot of value to your home. Here are some tips that will help your small bathroom feel just right.

1. Counter Extension

Rather than limiting counter space to just around the sink, continue the counter over the top of the toilet, too. Doing this helps add a bit more open storage space without affecting the placement of your toilet. Extra counter space also makes getting ready in the mornings much easier.

2. Keep it Bright

Dark colored paint, counters, or cabinets can make a small space feel even more like a cave. By keeping the colors lighter and brighter, your space will immediately feel much larger than it actually is.

3. Clear the Clutter

Small spaces have a tendency to feel cramped quickly. Even though there are only a few things on the counter, your tiny bathroom can feel overwhelmed. So clear as much out as you are able, by only keeping the necessities and basics out. Soap and a hand towel are all that you need. Store away your tissues, magazines, cleaning supplies and other ‘bathroom’ things in a cupboard.

4. Mirror, Mirror

Usually, only one person can get ready in a small bathroom at once. However, if you are able to extend the mirror to fill the entire wall, you instantly make space for two people to use it. Not only that, but mirrors tend to help small spaces feel bigger.

5. Sink or Swim

If space is especially tight, consider installing a trough or corner sink. Trough sinks are narrow and modern looking. They are low in profile and can free up space on the floor if you mount them to the wall (hello, storage!). A corner sink may be your only solution to keep the walkway clear or allow a shower or bathroom door to completely open.

6. Smart Storage

Finding a means of storage when space is tight is a bit tricky. Medicine cabinets are bulky and can look dated, so opt for a built-in medicine cabinet that will not stick out of the wall; these are a significantly lower profile. Find a vanity with storage builtin storage. If space doesn’t allow for closed storage, choose a pedestal sink with a shelf or two. Put your extra TP, towels and other bathroom necessities in pretty storage baskets for a better, cleaner look.

7. Curtain Over Door

Choose a shower curtain over a shower door. Curtains allow for more space, as they can move back and forth freely. AKA, it can completely move out of the way. Shower doors are stuck in one place and can take up a lot of valuable elbow room. By skipping the shower door, you free up a bunch of space when needed but can hide a dirty shower when company comes over.


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