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Three Things To Upgrade in Your Bathroom

Three Things to Upgrade in Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations and remodels can be a great way to invest your money.  More often than not, if done well and smartly, you will see a decent return on your investment (usually more than a 100% return!).  

Bathrooms are one of the areas where you can easily tell if money was used wisely or not.  They are one of the most expensive rooms in your home in terms of construction, so spending money wisely is very important!  

Here are three things to upgrade in your bathroom to see a great return on your investment.

1. Upgrade to a Walk-In Shower

If there isnt room for a tub and a shower, get rid of the tub and go for a roomy walk-in shower.  More and more nowadays, people are opting for a large shower instead of a tub.  Especially if space is lacking.  Using the available square feet smartly is so important!  Of course, buyers with kids will want a tub, so think about keeping one bathroom with a tub and put that luxurious walk-in shower in the master suite.

Think about making the walk-in shower even more spa-like with a few bells and whistles.  Adding features such as a steam system, a rain shower head, or floor-to-ceiling tiles makes the bathroom an at-home sanctuary you wont want to leave.

Another way to elevate your walk-in shower is to change out the shower curtain or framed door for European shower doors.  This makes a big difference in your look for just a little bit more money.  The seamless aesthetic is worth the cost!

2. Revamp the Vanity Area

This is kind of general and can include a lot of mini makeovers to address.  Things such as lighting, counters, cabinetry, and the mirror play a large part in the ambiance of the bathroom.  With a few little tweaks you can make a big difference and breathe new life into your bathroom, taking it from so-soto so good!

For example, get rid of that dated medicine cabinet mirror and replace it with a more elegant mirror such as a round gold-framed one.  Throwing a new coat of paint on the old cabinets is refreshing and will pair nicely with modern counters and an under-mount sink.  Replace the hard water stained faucet and cobwebbed covered light fixture with contemporary fixtures.

3. Floors

Replace grimy grout and dingy tiles for new and updated floors.  Many are tearing out their old and dated floors for something with a little more personality.  Explore your many options!  Theres tile that looks like wood (which designers are even using for feature walls or in showers!).  Very trendy lately is art tile that makes a big impact.  Or keep it more understated but interesting by choosing simple tiles laid in patterns or by using a classic penny tile.

Whatever changes you make, try to keep it current and modern looking.  Be wise in how you spend your money to ensure getting a great ROI.


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