Jordan Construction and Remodel Blog Six Rooms In Your House To Revamp Right Now

Six Rooms In Your House To Revamp Right Now

Six Rooms In Your House To Revamp Right Now

Whether youre preparing to sell your home or looking to make your house a haven, there are likely a few rooms that could use a face lift.  But where should you start?  And what should you do?  Weve rounded up six rooms in your house that could probably use some attention.


Bathrooms are often times great DIY projects.  Keeping things simple and changing out your old facets for new brass fixtures can make a huge difference.  Replacing your old medicine cabinet mirror for a sophisticated framed mirror really amps up the space.  Even a quick coat of paint or a modern vanity can make your bathroom reminiscent of the spa you love visiting.


Your bedroom should be inviting and comfortable.  Make your room an escape by changing out your old bedding for softer, cozier materials.  Add modern side tables with beautiful lamps or an updated headboard.  Replace your blinds with luxurious draperies.  Swap out the dusty old fan for a new and romantic chandelier.


The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home.  So shouldn’t it feel pleasant and inviting?  Little things such as adding recessed lighting or painting old cabinets can make a huge difference in brightening up the space.  Even something as small as changing out the hardware on your current cupboards can add new life to your kitchen.  Of course, bigger projects, for example, counter tops or updated flooring will really revive the heart of your home.


While this isnt a roomin your house, its still part of your home.  Imagine having your own open-air retreat right outside your door.  With some time and money, you can make a big difference.  Adding things yourself (and a couple helping hands) you can really get a big bang for your buck with a little sweaty equity.

Family Room

Spend more family time at home and enjoy it!  Make this room a place your family doesn’t want to leave with simple changes.  Think cozy and homey.  Center your room around something spectacular such as your fire place with an updated mantel.  Add personal touches with pictures of your family members (both human and animal!).

Attic Restore

Attics are often dark, dusty and disorganized.  With a little bit of TLC you can transform this space into usable and sensible additional square feet. Whether you need an extra bedroom, an office, or a play room, a finished attic will give you the extra space you were looking for.  Likely, you have a bunch of stuff stored in your attic.  Dont worry!  You dont have to get rid of all of it thanks to beautiful and creative storage designs.  

These changes – some big, some small – can really make a difference.  Just remember you dont have to spend an arm and a leg to breathe new life into the spaces in your home.  Get creative, get your hammer, and get going!


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