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Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen In A Big Way

The kitchen could easily be the most used room in your house.  Its probably not a secret that it could use a little bit of extra attention and some TLC.  Now, were not talking a full blown kitchen remodel necessarily; just some small updates with a small budget that will upgrade your kitchen in a big way.

Update the Cabinets

Replace Knobs and Pulls – A quick and painless way to breathe new life into your kitchen is to replace all the handles on the cabinets.  Go for a simple, minimalist look that will last for years to come.

Repaint – Nothing like a new coat of paint to freshen up a space.  Whether youre interested in painting them white or a fun, bold color, its sure to do the trick.

Replace Doors – Replacing cupboards can be costly. Just replace the doors with a new, modern style such as the popular shaker cabinet doors.

Add Molding/Trim – Upgrade simple cabinetry with easy-to-add molding and trim.  Add crown molding for an elegant touch with out spending much at all.  Or add trim to the edges on each  side of your kitchen island for an understated detail.

Install Under-Cabinet Lighting – This simple and easy touch will add a bit of luxury to your kitchen and will take it to the next level.

Install Pull-Out Shelves – Storage is such an important thing in a kitchen.  Take advantage of all the useable space.  Plus, this makes your things incredibly accessible.

Open Shelves – If your upper cupboards are past their prime, opt for open shelving instead of upper cupboards.  This way you can display your beautiful dishes, pretty cake stands, colorful cook books, and wooden cutting boards.


Switch Plates – Change out old, grimy switch plates with clean, updated plates.

Replace Backsplash – This can be time consuming, but with tile sheets it speeds up the process and makes a big difference.  

Replace Fixtures

Plumbing – A new sink to replace your dingy, dull sink is a great money saving way to revamp your kitchen.  Or a new faucet with a pull-down spray feature is both functional and stylish.

Lighting – A well lit room changes everything!  Add recessed lighting everywhere and above your kitchen island and sink add pendant lights.  Hanging pendants look great, add focused lighting, and add personality to the space.

In With the “New”

New (to you) Appliances – With a little time and dedication, you can find decent looking and well-working, gently used appliances.  Just remember, you need to be willing to give the time if you are unable to give the money for brand new appliances.  Be diligent in checking websites, nearby yard sales, or your local good will stores every day for the style, look, and brand you want.

With a month or so of weekend-warrior-ing, youre sure to spruce up your beloved kitchen and give it a well deserved face lift.  Enjoy your kitchen again with these simple ways to upgrade your kitchen.


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