Landscaping Services Provo, Utah County Utah

The finishing touch on any home (or business) is its landscaping. Unfortunately, it often gets shuffled to bottom of the deck of urgent things on a homeowner’s list. You think “I’ll get to that this weekend” or “Once we get all the other projects finished” or “Next spring I’ll plant all those cool plants and trees.” Somehow it just never gets done. Enlisting the professional services of an expert landscaping company can be the answer to your prayers.

One Time Landscaping

Landscaping services need not be recurring or for huge properties. Jordan Construction & Remodel can get your property in top shape with a single service job. They can set up the landscape you pictured, or better, including shrubs, hedges, flowers, trees, beds, retaining walls, rock hardscape, leveled back yards, paths, and more. They can architect the entire yard to your exact specifications for maximum beauty, functionality, and curb appeal.


If you’re in need of recurring lawn maintenance or care for a business or subdivision, Jordan Construction & Remodel can get the job done. We’ll keep your landscape looking pristine year round, including weather preparation and light fixture maintenance.

Holiday Lights

Is it time to hang up that rickety ladder and broken strings of Christmas lights? Call us. We can hang up holiday lights with no additional stress to you. We can help install and update additional exterior lighting if you would like to upgrade the curb look of your home as well.


Can you afford landscaping? The answer is almost always yes. Jordan Construction & Remodel is local, trustworthy, and affordable. We offer a variety of options for almost any budget. We can beat almost any landscaping prices in the market because we work hard and provide the best quality work. It’s also important to consider the time, money, and effort cost of doing your landscaping yourself. When Jordan Construction handles your landscaping, we do a better job in a fraction of the time, and it saves your back a lot of extra work.

Whether you’re looking for one time landscaping for a new or existing home, recurring landscaping for your home, business, or development, or you could use some help with a particular small project like holiday lighting, Jordan Construction & Remodel can offer landscaping to meet your needs. Before you assume it’s out of your price range, call and talk to us today to see what options we can offer. We can get your yard and landscape looking like a million dollar property, increasing curb appeal as well as your home’s value at the point of resale. Year round we can make your home a more beautiful place to be.