Basement Remodeling Near Me, Basement Remodel Utah County

Basement Remodeling Utah County

For some reason, homeowners think of their basement as permanent and unchangeable. That’s the way the foundation was poured, that’s the way the pipes were laid, and you can’t go knocking down or changing the setup of a basement the way you can the main house. That’s simply not true! One of the very best things we do here at Jordan Construction is Basement Remodeling. You don’t have to be stuck with the closed-off, dysfunctional, dark, or cramped basement you currently have.

Open it Up – We can knock down walls to open up the space for entertaining, feature an open stairwell, and even create a walk out if your property is the right fit! Eliminating a few walls can turn a small room into a nice theater room or entertaining space.

Reasons to Remodel Your Basement

Here is just a short list of Basement issues that we’ve heard from customers and fixed in just a matter of days!

  • Not completely finished
  • Dingy and outdated
  • Too dark
  • Cramped spaces
  • And more!

Don’t Delay, Remodel Your Basement Today!

Built Ins – Adding built in shelves, desks, and other features to your basement can instantly transform the basement space from dark storage to a highly functional area of your home. We’ve created offices, craft rooms, and more with carefully planned built ins.

Rent-Worthy – If you’ve ever thought about renting your basement for extra income, a remodel can help get you there. Jordan Construction & Remodel. can add a kitchen, laundry hookups, dining space, living rooms, bathrooms, additional bedrooms and a nice master suite, depending on whatever your needs may be. Say hello to extra cash and happy renters!

Updating – Maybe your really love your basement, but it’s woefully out-of-date. Jordan Construction & Remodel. can complete a small-scale remodel that simply updates all of your basement features. We can add an accent brick wall, update a fireplace, swap out old flooring for new, and add some fresh lighting to brighten up dark basements.

Our basements are often neglected or underused. Jordan Construction & Remodel. can help you use that space in a functional way to utilize all the space your home has to offer. Consider all the extra space you could free up in your main home if you were able to move an office, playroom, kid’s bedroom, or other functional storage to your basement. It may take a little Basement Remodeling work, but it can be well worth the effort. If you are one of many who are ready to rent for profit, remodeling and updating your basement can end up making you money in the long run. All it takes are a few modern choices and a phone call to Jordan Construction & Remodel.

We are ready to help you remodel, fix, or update your basement. Give us a call to see what options we can offer for your home and budget. You may be surprised at how affordable a Basement Remodeling can be.