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Remodeling Your Home: Where To Start

Where To Start When Remodeling Your Home

Your kitchen cabinets are dated, your bathrooms are dingy, the carpet is stained, and the archaic wall paper is peeling.  These are some signs that its time to give your home a facelift.  But remodels and renovations can feel a bit overwhelming.  So overwhelming, in fact, its hard to know where to start.  Surely, youve been overloaded with ideas and advice, but you are still feeling stuck.  Its time to take a step back and a deep breath and read our advice on where to start when remodeling your home.

Take Inventory

The very first step is to take inventory.  One thing to ask yourself, Do I want to continue living here?  Or am I ready to sell? Am I remodeling for me or for a potential buyer?”  Once youve decided what and who this reno is for, have your home assessed and decide what needs to be addressed.  Hire out a licensed home inspector to check it out. Having this inspection done will give you a soup to nutsevaluation and give you a realistic overview of the current status of your home.  This is important because previously unknown issues, such as a leaky roof or a crack in the foundation, are brought to light and can be addressed.  


Once youve taken inventory, its time to prioritize.  What must be addressed to meet city code?  List that out. What is at the top of your list to make it your dream home?  Or what needs to happen in order to get top dollar when selling? That should be listed next.

Plan of Action

Youll need a plan of action, next.  Now is the time to look at hiring a construction and remodeling company.  You will need to decide which, if any, projects you will take on yourself verses which projects your contractor will manage.  Hiring a professional remodeler like Jordan Construction and Remodel, is the best way to ensure a successful renovation. Jordan Construction is dedicated to delivering the highest standards in the industry with integrity, which is so important!  You will also need to take a look at your financial situation and come up with a realistic budget to complete your projects. The cost of a kitchen remodel or bathroom varies, based on what needs to happen. Remember to include a contingency fund.  When it comes to renovations, especially when working with older homes, its wise to set aside some money that is reserved for unforeseen expenses.  Lastly, when making your plan, be sure to look at a proper timeline. Think about how long you are okay with an unusable kitchen, living space, or bathroom.  Remember some unexpected delays could occur. Work with your contractor to make a realistic budget and practical timeline.

Enjoy the Process

Its an exciting time!  Try to enjoy each phase.  From the blue prints and planning meetings to picking out carpet, paint, and other finishings.  Soak it in! It makes the end result that much better!


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