Jordan Construction and Remodel Blog Projects to Boost the Value of Your Home Part 1

Projects to Boost the Value of Your Home Part 1

Projects to Boost the Value of Your Home Part 1

Increasing the value of your house is beneficial, whether youre looking to sell it or you would like to feel more at home in your home.  Some of these projects are actually easier than youd think!  There are many simple ways to revamp and upgrade the rooms in your house that could help increase its value.  Whether you choose to hire it out or do it yourself, these projects will help increase the value of your house and won’t break the bank.  

Here Are Some Ideas On How To Increase The Value Of Your Home.

Bathroom Projects

Bathroom remodels can be as extensive as expanding an already existing bathroom or moving the toilet or tub to a different place or as simple as replacing faucets and fixtures or adding an exhaust fan.  Here are the best bang for your buck projects to consider:

Replacing the Floors Nothing dates a bathroom like the 80s pink or teal green tiles everywhere.  Swap out the floors (and other tiles) for a new ceramic or stone tile for an instant refresher.  Pro Tip: Be sure to buy extra tiles, as some may break during installation. Also, be sure to store some away for any future necessary repairs.

Vanity Revamp For a quick and easy update, give your vanity some love with a fresh coat of paint, hardware, and new counters if youre up for it.
Re-Glaze the Tub New tubs can be expensive and old tubs can be difficult to get through a doorway.  Instead, have it re-glazed for a brand-new feel. This will only set you back $300-$400.

Replace Fixtures Trade in your dated faucets and other fixtures for a newer finish and style.  No one wants to look at the calcium and rust build up, especially not buyers! This change packs a punch and is easy on your wallet.

Kitchen Projects

The heart of the home will always be important to you and potential buyers. Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best ways to increase your home value.  With a few tweaks, you can have the kitchen of your dreams (or a buyers dream) in no time.

Cabinet TLC One of the first things a person notices when you walk into a kitchen is the cabinetry.  Whether you choose to replace them all together, replace the doors or hardware, or throw a coat of paint on the old ones, a little cabinet TLC goes a long way.

Counter Replacement After cabinets, the next thing people tend to notice are the counter tops.  Peeling laminate or tile and grouted counters are a thing of the past. Yes, counters can be quite expensive, but if you have fewer than 8 feet of counters to replace and are looking for a bargain, call a local granite dealer that sells remnants.  Butcher block is another beautiful, cost-friendly option.

Add Recessed Lighting A well lit area can make a huge difference, especially if your kitchen is small or your home isnt open concept.  Adding canned lights will help the space feel bigger, plus these lights won’t take up any ceiling space since they are recessed.

Stay tuned for more ways to increase the value of your home next time.


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