Jordan Construction and Remodel Blog Popular Home Styles - Part 2

Popular Home Styles – Part 2

Popular Home Styles - Part 2

Today, were continuing our break down, history and descriptions of popular home styles.  If you missed part 1, be sure to read it here!


These two terms, ranch, and rambler are often used interchangeably.  They are designed after homes that were built on ranches in the west and southwest.  These homes are popular among many because the entire house is on one floor. Some homes may include an upstairs or basement but feature main floor living.  These homes also typically have attached garages and have open floor plans.


Tudors are easily recognizable because of their steeply pitched rooflines, brick chimneys, and the decorative half-timbering found on the exterior walls.  Tudor homes were influenced by European styles and are asymmetrical and eclectic. These homes were most popular in the 20s and 30s but became less popular after WWII when people wanted more Americanlooking homes instead.


In years past, farmhousewasnt really a style of home but it spoke more to the location and function of a home.  Now, it is a popular style and is highly sought after. The updated take on a farmhouse home usually includes wooden details, bright white walls, large windows, ship-lapped walls, and large gathering areas in and outdoor.  

Cape Cod

Cape Cod style homes are popular in the northeastern part of the country.  They are inspired by the UKs thatched cottages but have steeper rooflines and bigger chimneys and fireplaces to get through the cold winters.  Cedar shakes, windows surrounding the front door, and dormers are often found on Cape Cod style homes.


Victorian homes were built for looks more than they were function.  This style is named after Queen Victoria as the style became popular under her reign.  These homes are complex in their design, are trimmed ornately, have big porches, are often brightly colored, and have many differing rooflines.  Dollhouses are often modeled after this style home.


Cottage homes are usually smaller in size and are made of stone or other natural materials.  These homes are similar to craftsmen style homes but are much more simple. The attic is considered the second story and is typically easily accessible.  Details like built-in display or bookcases, windows seats or dining nook benches are not uncommon in cottage style homes.


Mediterranean homes are inspired by just that, the Mediterranean!  These homes typically put a large focus on patios, balconies, and courtyards for outdoor living.  These homes are styled with red tile shingles, arched rooflines and the walls are plastered.

French Provincial

These homes are inspired by homes found in the countryside in France.  This style made its way to America after WWI and are still very popular.  French Provincial homes include romantic and decorative details, steep rooflines, and are symmetrical.


As mentioned last time, contemporary homes and modern homes tend to get confused.  The term modernactually refers to the 19th century Modernism art movement.  These homes often have an open floor plan, clean lines, and put a big emphasis on functionality over looks and appearance.  

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