Jordan Construction and Remodel Blog Popular Home Styles - Part 1

Popular Home Styles – Part 1

Popular Home Styles

If you are looking to build, buy, or renovate your home, it’s time to start researching and learning more about the most popular styles of homes and what style of home you like. We have made the work simple, by breaking down what each of these style terms mean and some details about each.

Craftsman and Bungalow Homes

Craftsman houses and bungalow houses are often categorized together. These homes come from the Arts and Crafts movement. Natural materials, such as wood, brick and stone, are the emphasis of these homes. Details like built-in furniture, exposed beams, and wooden elements, and large fireplaces and mantles are what buyers seek in Craftsman homes. Understated woodwork and finish work are a large design element in these homes. These houses typically have roofs that are low-pitched and have large, deep front porches.


Townhomes are usually found in urban, established, well-populated areas. Townhouses became popular in the early part of the 19th century because of builders had financial benefits and there was limited space to build. Townhomes are typically built quickly with two or more stories with several units per building. Townhouses usually have small or shared yards.

Colonial Homes

Colonial architecture originated back in the 1600s and is known for symmetry and shuttered windows. These homes are also recognized by their chimneys, columns, and dormers. There are several subcategories like Federal Colonial, Georgian Colonial, and Dutch Colonial. These also have a box shape but with a few more decorative embellishments.

Mid-Century Modern Homes

Mid-century modern homes became popular in the 1940s and thrived until the ‘80s. These homes were built with new ideas and mindsets with a forward-thinking sense of style. Mid-century modern homes are filled with large windows, open spaces, flat planes and interesting angles. These homes are loved for their simplicity and their effortless integration of the indoors to outdoors. The new materials seen in these houses, like plywood and steel, is part of what brought new ways of thinking, architecture, and design.

Contemporary Homes

Some people use the terms contemporary and modern interchangeably. However, they are not the exact same. The term contemporary refers to homes that are the building styles of today. These can vary in style and in design. Currently, modern and contemporary are similar in style in that they bring the outdoors in with large windows and doors that connect the two. Contemporary homes strive to use sustainable materials, use energy efficient appliances and fixtures, and recycled materials that are non-toxic.

Pueblo Revival Homes

Pueblo revival homes date back to the early part of the 20th century and are most popular in the southwest. These homes are styled and designed after the Pueblo Native Americans’ simple homes. Natural materials like concrete, mortar, adobe, stucco, and wooden elements are used to create an earthy feel. Pueblo revival homes typically have flat or low sloping roofs and have enclosed courtyards. These homes are built to blend in with the natural surrounding area.

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