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Kitchen Flooring Options

Kitchen Flooring Options

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  So much happens in this room.  Meals are made and shared, dishes are washed, late night snacks are eaten.  With all of this also comes spills, heavy foot traffic, and dropped items. When choosing the flooring for your kitchen, not only should you think about the style and look you want, but also think about function.

Think about your lifestyle and the things going on in your home.  Do you cook and do dishes a lot? Is there a lot of traffic? Do you have family pets? Young kids? A leaky dishwasher? These factors play a large part in the kind of flooring you should have in your kitchen.


Many believe hardwood is the most ideal option, as it never goes out of style and can pass the test of time.  For a seamless look, hardwood is often installed throughout the house, but really shines in the kitchen. The classic look gives your kitchen a homey feel and each plank is unique and gives character to the area.  Hardwood will stand up to wear and tear if treated well. Just be careful of potential water damage and clean up spills and messes right away. Freshen up your floors every 10-15 years by sanding, staining and sealing.


Tiling your kitchen floors is a great option for many reasons.  Tile will withstand just about whatever come its way: spills, water, lots of traffic, and it won’t absorb odors or bacteria. It will hold up against pets and children alike and with many options, it can go with just about whatever style. Tile comes in many colors, shapes, and textures.  Tile can be laid in numerous patterns that can let your style and personality take center stage.  If you like the look of hardwood but the price and low maintenance of tile, look into wood look tile.


Laminate is a durable option for kitchens.  It holds up well to spills, feet, and paws.  Laminate imitates the look of hardwood, but not its price tag. Laminate is easy to clean and resists scratches and stains. There are many quality levels of laminate and can really trick your eye into  thinking you’re walking on hardwood.


Concrete is a great option for a modern, unique, and edgy look at a low cost.  Concrete is very diverse, as it can be textured, dyed, and scored to create just about any look.  Concrete is low maintenance as it’s water resistant and very easy to clean because of its sealed topcoat. Concrete is a great kitchen option as it prevents mildew, mold, bacteria and even odors.

Other Options:

Other options include cork, vinyl, linoleum, bamboo and many others.  These styles are a bit out dated, however can still have their place in the kitchen.  These can be great options because they are waterproof and stain proof, long lasting and durable, and are inexpensive.  Just be careful and cautious, they don’t always add value to your home.


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