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How To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

How To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger?

Have you ever compared your bathroom to someone else’s? There’s no need to be jealous of your friend’s bathroom, chances are their bathroom isn’t any bigger than yours. Your friend has just mastered the art of optical illusions to make their bathroom appear bigger. This isn’t an obscure secret that only a select few people know about, you too can learn the secrets of making your bathroom look bigger than it actually is. If you don’t have the luxury of adding more square space to your bathroom but your heart is set on creating a larger space, you can incorporate the following changes to make your bathroom look and feel bigger than it really is. 

Put your interior designer thinking the cap on and use a little bit of visual magic, some color edits, and lighting tricks to transform your small bathroom into a seemingly larger place that other people will envy. Here are some tricks to achieve a bigger looking bathroom. 

Color Selection 

Soft color schemes, such as pale ones, give the illusion of your bathroom having more space than it actually does. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with colors and that you have to sacrifice bright ones; it simply means that the overall color of your bathroom should be a light one, such as cream. Reserve bright colors for accessories, carpets, and towels. Looking to make your bathroom a more relaxing environment? Go with serene colors for your bathroom’s accessories, such as blues, greens, and purples. 

Cut Out Too Many Accessories

Sometimes, less really is more. Clutter will instantly make your bathroom appear smaller, so go with a more minimalist design. Hang only one towel per towel rack. Instead of using multiple bathroom rugs, just use one large one. Select one piece of art instead of multiple small ones. Use one main decorative accessory instead of several small ones. Store anything else that’s essential, such as toothpaste, lotions, and hairbrushes into your cabinets and drawers. Remember, a clean, neat bathroom will always look more spacious than a cluttered, dirty one. 

Change The Vanity Cabinet

Are you willing to make sacrifices to achieve a larger bathroom? Although vanity cabinets are gorgeous, you might want to switch them out because these take up serious space in your bathroom. Instead, you can go for a pedestal and wall-mounted sink, which will be fairly inexpensive. Find alternate storage space with a storage shelf or a small linen closet. Keep in mind that once you remove your vanity cabinet, you’ll have to repair your flooring.

Choose Light-Colored Flooring 

Just like with walls, the floor will appear more open if it is done with a light color. However, if you can’t replace your flooring, you can choose a large rug to place over your existing flooring. 

Are you ready to transform your bathroom into one of your dreams? Don’t feel embarrassed about your cramped space any longer, our experts at Jordan Construction are here to help you. Don’t delay, remodel your bathroom today! 


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