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Bathroom Decorating Faux Pas To Avoid

Bathroom Decorating Faux Pas To Avoid

When it comes to upgrading your home, your bathroom isn’t the first room you think about renovating, but it is one of the most important rooms to upgrade. You don’t have to be an interior designer to give your bathroom the high-end look it deserves. There are several decorating mistakes to avoid so that your bathroom doesn’t look cheap and dated. Functionality is just as important as your bathroom’s appearance. When decorating your bathroom, the main components to consider are your bathroom’s storage space, lighting, and a personalized finish. Restroom decoration is simple and doesn’t have to be expensive.

A Cluttered Bathroom

The problem isn’t that your bathroom lacks storage, the problem is that everything is cluttered. Not many people are mindful of how they use their bathroom’s medicine cabinet. Some people use their medicine cabinet as a shelf, but it should be used to store aspirins, antihistamines, medicines, ointments, and first-aid kits. What if you desperately need a band-aid and you don’t remember where you stored them? Keeping your medicine cabinet organized is essential so that you can have all your emergency items in one place. Large vanities will also add a glamorous look to your restroom and can be used for storing makeup and hairstyling tools. A vanity can even add more counter space. Towel storage can make or break your bathroom. Mismatched towels that clumsily hang from a towel rack are not appealing. An antique armoire is a timeless piece of furniture that can be used to store your towels. If you find towel hanger bars too clunky, you can swap them out for multiple robe hooks. Robe hooks can be used for drying your towels and bathrobes. The less your bathroom has going on, the more presentable it looks. 

A Dimly Lit Bathroom

One of the worst offenders of poor bathroom décor is dim lighting. You can’t go wrong with installing multiple light sources to your bathroom. Having multiple bathroom lights will give you a better idea of how you look each morning. Single lightbulbs can be deceiving, and you run the risk of missing some spots when you shave or wrongfully applying your makeup without realizing it. Make sure that your restroom allows natural lighting in and that your artificial lights are strategically placed. Add vanity lights to your vanity or to the edges of your mirror. Adding another light source to your restroom is accessible and can be achieved by simply adding a table lamp or floor lamp. Chandeliers are also an extravagant lighting option. Adjust your lighting sources to fit your needs. Install dimmable ceiling lights to create a relaxing mood when you take baths.

A Bland Bathroom  

Bathrooms don’t have to be an obscure, dingy room that is neglected. They are an integral part of your home that gets a lot of use. Your bathroom should be welcoming every time you or a guest step into it. Add pops of color to your bathroom by hanging chic artwork or by applying vinyl wallpaper that is heavyweight. Match your towels with your bathroom’s mats. Have fun with your bathroom tiles, just make sure that they are slip-resistant. Shower curtains with fun patterns or a glass shower door will make your bathroom look customized and put-together. 

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