Jordan Construction and Remodel Blog 7 Ways To Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Bigger

7 Ways To Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Bigger

The 7 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Bigger

Contrary to popular belief, your kitchen doesnt need a lot of square footage to feel big and spacious.  There are many ways to create an illusion of a roomy kitchen and give a feeling of space all while keeping personality, charm, and style.  With a few strategic styling and decorating tricks, youll make your tiny kitchen feel like the large kitchen of your dreams.

1. Replace Solid Doors with Glass Doors

By replacing the door fronts with glass ones, the kitchen will seem larger because the eye is able to travel through the cabinet doors to the back of the cupboard.  Just make sure you keep its contents clutter free. Otherwise, youll defeat the purpose!

2. Knock Down a Wall

If the footprint of your home allows (and its not load-bearing), hire a professional like Jordan Construction to knock down a wall or two.  An open floor plan makes space feel much bigger than it is. Add a kitchen island to the space so you dont lose out on storage and counter space.  The extra light the missing wall will let in will also help the space appear larger.  Which brings us to

3. Keep it Light

Filling a dark, small space with lots of light helps make the area feel less cave-like.  Bonus points if its natural light.  Keep window treatments to a minimum to allow as much light in as possible. Add recessed lighting and pendants or even skylights if the space allows. To help the light go even farther, keep the walls, cupboards, and counters a lighter color.  By painting everything in similar lighter tones or all white, things will feel more spacious than they actually are.

4. Open Shelving

Wooden upper cupboards can make a kitchen feel dark and heavy.  By eliminating some of these, you can lighten the visual weight and create an illusion of more space.  While losing all your upper shelves may be a bit unrealistic (if youre short on storage), find a wall where you can put up a few floating shelves.  This is a great way to showcase your elegant dishes and pretty cookbooks.

5. Avoid Bulky Furnishings

Keep sight lines open by choosing furnishings and decor that arent too bulky.  Clear glass pendants with thin wires, barstools without backs, and slim, streamlined dining chairs will do the trick. Pieces like this will not take up valuable, hard-to-come-by space. Stay away from furniture pieces and islands with stocky legs and large bases.

6. Eliminate Clutter

Avoid crowding your counter space with clutter.  Too many decorative details, cookbooks, and small counter appliances can make the space feel cramped.  Instead, save that space for a couple eye-catching pieces and tuck the rest away in your pantry or cabinets.

7. Draw the Eye Up

By doing things to draw the eye up, a tiny space suddenly feels bigger.  Cupboards that go all the way to the ceiling not only bring your eyes up, but it also makes the kitchen feel custom and provides extra storage space.


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