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6 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

6 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

You invest a lot of time and resources trying to make your living room and kitchen appear luxurious, but does your bathroom get the same respect? Bathrooms also deserve to feel high-end. After all, you do take those long, relaxing baths that you so desperately crave after a long day of work inside your bathroom. Take the plunge and change a few aspects of your bathroom without breaking the bank or completely turning your bathroom inside out. 

1. Learn Lighting Secrets

For starters, learn how to use light colors that highlight your bathroom’s beauty. Switching out the lighting in your bathroom is one of the simplest ways to transform a boring space into a high-end showpiece. Reimagine how lighting is typically used in bathrooms for a designer look. Instead of going for a traditional light bar above your mirror, be daring and try out classy light scones on each side of your mirror. If your bathroom is a big space, you can’t go wrong with pendants. 

2. The Classic Beauty of Gray

Gray bathrooms probably don’t sound exciting because people think of mundanity when they think about the color gray. Step away from this way of thinking because gray has become the new go-to kitchen and bathroom color for professional designers. After decades of white or wood-toned bathrooms, gray is finally basking in the attention it deserves. Gray is soothing and easy to match. Warm grays, such as greige, can prevent your bathroom from looking cold and uninviting. 

3. Use White for Simplicity and Elegance 

White cabinets and countertops are increasing in popularity for homeowners, and there’s a reason for this. They create the backdrop for a simple yet elegant bathroom. Use a light, neutral paint color for your walls such as gray, and top off the luxurious look with white linens to replicate a 5-star hotel bathroom at home. Splurge on quality white towels and rugs for a more expensive feel. 

4. Soothing Baths with Monochromatic Color Schemes

The most impressive bathrooms are inspired by spas. Spas typically go for simple colors and materials because of their relaxing qualities. Create that spa vibe at home with a simple monochromatic color scheme. Don’t choose a neutral color for your monochromatic scheme; go for the color that makes you happiest. Can’t think of any ideas? We recommend going with aqua. To add more personality, add lighter and darker shades of the color that you choose and layer them for depth. 

5. Painted Furniture for a Custom Bathroom

Sometimes, all you need to create a fancy bathroom is a coat or two of paint. There are thousands of DIY tutorials online that can help you transform your dresser or chest into a vanity. If you don’t have much time on your hands, use paint to create a custom look for your lackluster bathroom vanity. Select a paint color for your vanity project that you can repeat around your bathroom in linens and in other accessories. 

6. Make the Outdoors the Star

Stylish bathrooms typically incorporate the outdoors as a design element. Look for ways to bring the outdoors inside with new window treatments that allow natural light in. Don’t be afraid to bring in plants and artwork that depicts plants in your new bathroom. 

While transforming your bathroom on your own is doable, sometimes your rooms need an extra push. You can never go wrong with a full bathroom remodel. Contact Jordan Construction today. We offer bathroom remodels for all budgets. 

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