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6 Must-Haves For Your Dream Kitchen

6 Must-Haves For Your Dream Kitchen

Are you bored with your kitchen and are looking to spruce things up? As one of the most highly trafficked areas in your house, your kitchen should be modern and in top shape. You spend a significant amount of time cooking inside your kitchen, and you should treat yourself to your dream design. Here is a list of 6 things your kitchen can no longer go without. This list features both extravagant and practical items that will enhance your kitchen area.

1. Appliance Garage

Much like your regular garage, an appliance garage is meant to store items away, but fashionably. Appliance garages are perfect for preventing clutter, as you can store the things that you typically have on display in your kitchen counters. Think of an appliance garage as a cabinet, but it’s meant for appliances. Toasters, coffee makers, blenders, panini presses, and all other kitchen items that you don’t feel the need to show off can go inside your appliance garage.

2. Walk-In Pantry

Never mind walk-in closets, have you heard of a walk-in kitchen pantry? It’s like your closet, except it’s filled with food and snacks. A dream kitchen comes with a pantry that you can walk in and is equipped with shelves, pull-out shelves, and counter space that doesn’t seem to end. You can even set up a microwave inside of your pantry.

3. Counter-Depth Fridge

A counter-depth fridge is a necessity if you’re looking to have more space in your kitchen. These fridges don’t take up space, as they are designed to offer the same storage as a full-size refrigerator. Counter-depth fridges don’t stick out past kitchen counters and cabinets. By contrast, regular refrigerators are far more clunky.

4. Deep Sink

The average sink is approximately 8 inches deep, but a deep sink runs around 10 inches deep. A deeper sink looks more luxurious, and they make tasks such as washing the dishes easier to do. Plus, if you do leave a few dishes sitting around your sink to wash later, they won’t be visible in your seemingly bottomless sink. Deeper sinks also help prevent backsplash when rinsing fruits and vegetables.

5. Touch-Activated Faucets

What better way to compliment a deep sink then by adding touch-activated faucets? A touch-activated faucet is a smart device that can be used in any kitchen, from the most modern of kitchens to traditional ones. Inside this stylish faucet is a sensor that activates the faucet by just giving it one tap. Imagine easily being able to turn on the water when your hands are full.

6. Drawer Dishwashers

Not only are drawer dishwashers far more pleasing to look at than traditional dishwashers, but they also introduce new intelligent functions. Running a full-sized dishwasher can be a waste of water if you only have a few dishes to wash, but a unit like this allows you to wash in half loads. The best part is that you can be washing one full load in one drawer, while still filling up your other drawer with dirty dishes.

Your dream home doesn’t have to be one that stays in your dreams. Make it a reality by contacting Jordan Construction today for all your kitchen remodeling needs. 


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