Jordan Construction and Remodel Blog 6 Bathroom Trends of 2018

6 Bathroom Trends of 2018

6 Bathroom Trends of 2018

For many people, the bathroom is more than a place to freshen up.  It is your very own, personal spa where you can relax and the stresses of life can melt away.  When you are remodeling your bathroom, you are not just creating a simple water closet and shower.  

You are creating a spa-like retreat for you and your guests. Whether youre building a new house or you are renovating your current bathroom, keep these popular 2018 trends in mind that will surely turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.

1. Eye Catching Wallpaper

A small room like a powder bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with big, bold, daring designs.  With a little effort and a few rolls of wallpaper, you can transform your half bath in just a few hours time.  This year’s trends are leaning towards abstract patterns like watercolor images, large brushstrokes, and marbled designs.

2. Black Metals

Move over brass, nickel and chrome, because matte black metal is making its way in.  Easily add depth and drama to your bathroom with black water fixtures and faucets. Change out your old hardware and towel hooks and racks with updated black ones.  Framing your mirror or your shower door with thick black trim is a perfect way to bring style and class into your bathroom. Black metal sconces or light fixtures contrast nicely with lighter colored counters or walls.

3. Statement Floors

Make a bold statement with exciting floors in your bathroom.  Skip the plain tiles and opt for something a bit more daring like a herringbone patterned tile or wood floor or beautiful cement tile in a fun shape or design.  If you are looking to be a bit more venturesome, mix tile and wood together. A beautiful tile inlay is a great focal point in your bathroom and is very unique.

4. Wall Mounted Faucets

Wall mounted faucets are very diverse and work with many different styles.  Whether your bathroom is modern, traditional, or minimalist, there’s a wall-mounted faucet for you.  Another perk to a wall mounted faucet is the counter space saved.  Wall mounted faucets add a sleek, clean element into your bathroom.

5. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

Just like the rest of your home, your bathroom needs to be properly decorated.  Adding artwork to your bathroom walls elevates and fills empty space. Hang a framed photo or picture above the toilet or above the towel bar.  Lay a rug in front of the sink or just outside the shower. Don’t forget to add life the space with live (or faux) greenery or a vase of fresh flowers for a welcoming touch.

6. Floating Vanities

Swapping out your free-standing or built-in vanity for a floating vanity gives your bathroom a custom feel.  Floating vanities save space and help a small bathroom feel larger and more open. The clean lines of this style lean towards modern and contemporary, but can easily be incorporated into many different styles by playing with a variety of materials, fixtures and hardwares, and accessories.


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