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5 Hottest Design Trends of 2018

Five Hottest Design Trends of 2018

With the new year brings new trends.  Keeping up with these trends can be difficult, however weve gathered some of the top design trends to keep your house looking fresh and up to date. Whether you are gearing up to sell your home or just revamp and remodel it for yourself and your family, these trends of 2018 are sure to get the job done, leaving you with your dream home.  So grab your hammer and get your paintbrush ready as we dive into five of 2018s hottest trends.

Geometric Patterns

There are many ways to incorporate geometric patterns and shapes in your interior design.  If youre not sure or are a bit nervous, just get your feet wet a bit.  Incorporate small, less permanentitems with geometric shapes such as a pillow, throw, a piece of art, or a stylish rug.  If youre ready to dive deep into the trend, look into patterned wallpaper, tiles, or hanging light fixtures.  For example, an accent wallpapered wall or bold backsplash with geometric prints.

Wood Accents and Treatments

A monochrome room can become a bit stark or sterile looking.  By adding touches of wood, you can help warm up the space easily and quickly.  If youre looking to make a big impact with this trend, try a kitchen island or an accent wall made from natural elements.  A wooden vent hood, wooden antique corbels, wooden open shelves.  Or start smaller with pieces of furniture, a lamp or light fixture, or pots for plants is a great place for natural wood.  Even smaller, add wooden bowls to your open shelves or barn wood frames for your art.


A trend that is sticking around for yet another year: metallic accents.  The juxtaposition of a classic upholstered sofa or headboard next to a metallic coffee or side table is refreshing and unexpected. Metallic elements on fabrics or incorporated in your art and frames adds a bit of flair to your room.Look at adding pillows with metallic prints, blankets laced with sparkly thread and even lustrous drapery.

Bold Colors

While neutral colors such as beige, white, and grey are still very popular, bright, dark, and bold colors are making their mark in the design world.  Pinks, reds, greens, and even purples (this years color of the year is Ultra Violet) are finding their way onto walls, pillows and bedding, and other decorative accessories.  Pair dark painted walls with light colored accessories and furniture to lighten the mood.  Or let your bright pigmented walls do the talking and style your room with minimalistic furnishings.

Luxurious Finished Basements

Just about everyone loves a finished basement, but current trends are heading towards a finished basement with more luxurious finishes.  These new basement design plans are grand and contain additional amenities that the rest of your house may not have.  A small kitchen addition, theater room, games rooms and sports courts.  Basement remodels are often a great way to get a return on your investment.


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