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When it comes to high-quality construction and improvement services for your Utah home or business, nobody beats the team at Jordan Construction and Remodeling. We will help you accomplish whichever goals you have – whether you want a new build, remodel, landscaping, or small project to spice up your property.

Our company knows how rapid the growth and development in Utah has become. We know there are new homes springing up everywhere, and there is a huge push to update and improve existing homes in a competitive market.

We are offering reliable services with a promise to get the job done right. You may need a complete overhaul of an older home, or just a remodel of a smaller space. You may need landscaping – once or recurring. You may need to finally finish that basement for your man cave or to rent it as a basement apartment for additional income. Whichever it is, Jordan Construction and Remodeling can help.

Our Services

We each have 22 years experience in the Landscaping Industry. No job is too large or too small.
By working closely with our clients we provide a superior service and standard of construction that reflects in the testimonials of our customers.

We are passionate about people's outdoor living space and creating a unique and personal environment for our clients.

Remodeling Services

With years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, we can create for you the home of your dreams with our remodeling services. The inspiration you find online is not out of reach! You may even be surprised at how affordable a home construction or remodeling project can be when you choose a hardworking and efficient construction firm like Jordan Construction and Remodeling. Our company is trustworthy and hardworking, so we can offer lower prices for a better product every single time. We offer:

  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Basement Remodel
  • Home Improvement or Home Renovation
  • Basement Build Out (Finishing Unfinished Basements)
  • Landscaping
  • New Construction
  • And more.

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HVAC Services

HVAC Services

Our team at Jordan Construction and Remodeling handles remodeling services and also specialize in HVAC services. Whether you need help with a climate control system, heating inside of a room or a water heater installation, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your HVAC needs. We specialize in:

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioner installation
  • Furnace installation
  • Furnace maintenance, service and repair
  • Gas furnace services
  • Heater maintenance and repair
  • Heating system services
  • HVAC installation
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Water heater repair, maintenance, installation and services
  • Climate control systems, repairs, and maintenance